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School Supplies Drive

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A school supply drive is an easy way to have a profound impact on young students and their learning experience. Make school a better place for both students and teachers by the simple kind act of providing school supplies. Donations that help to prepare the ones of our future! Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Read More

Parking Lot Etiquette

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As a paving company we spend a good amount of time in-and-around parking lot areas and continuously see the deterioration of parking lot etiquette. There is always that one driver speeding through a parking lot ignoring everything and everyone around them. Don’t be that driver! We have all know that feeling of stress building up when entering a packed parking lot and it’s just overwhelming. You can’t find a spot, people and children are crisscrossing through, you are searching for that perfect spot and then…you see it! There it is, an opening, FINALLY, but as you slowly approach you see… to your horror that someone has parked incorrectly and is hanging over the line and you won’t be able to fit! It is regrettable that in our hectic lifestyles, common etiquette is seldom observed and we feel that it is time to lead by example. Take a gander at a couple of simple guidelines/rules that we have compiled that we believe are helpful in maintaining that proper parking lot etiquette:

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Water Flow Fixes: Concrete Flowlines/Swales

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Water flow has always been integrated into the paving process. As you can see from the collage above, swales were utilized in the past and helped to cultivate what we now know as flowlines, which we use and utilize in today’s paving process.

Water damage, whether it is pouring down, sitting(a.k.a pooling), seeping, or washing things away, it is pavement’s biggest nemesis. The damage and deterioration of pavement from fluids caused by weather, irrigation or washing is a constant battle that we can help fight for you. The proper placement and installation of flowlines or curbs and gutters can help your pavement last longer and in turn saving you more money in the long run! Read More

Northridge Fashion Center: ADA Compliance Upgrades

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Caliber Paving was contracted to upgrade the ADA access at the Northridge Fashion Center located in Los Angeles. This large shopping destination opened in 1971, and has gone through several expansions and renovations since then, including some complete rebuilds after it was severely damaged by the Northridge earthquake in 1994.

Caliber Paving designed this ADA upgrade project to comply with existing requirements and regulations set up by the American Disabilities Act. It was an exciting challenge because of the level of difficulty with making older structures comply with modern requirements. During the four months of construction Caliber worked in conjunction with mall management to progress through each phase and area deliberately. We wanted to ensure that our crews would not be disruptive to Read More

Adding Value with Fabric Overlays, Now with More Options

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There are always options when it comes to maintaining your asphalt. Some solutions are better than others. We all like options, and now we have a couple more to choose from. The long time decision to use a paving fabric overlay option has been the economic benefits when compared to removal and replacement costs. However, recycling the asphalt down the road can be more costly. Currently, most asphalt plants will not take the old asphalt if there is paving fabric in it which means there could be an added cost to dispose of the material. There are two alternative products that are recyclable.

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Puddles, Pot Holes and Birdbaths!

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Since we live in beautiful Southern California, we don’t often have to worry about puddles or birdbaths.

This is the time of year where we find out just where all the water goes and how well our drainage really is. Birdbaths are your smaller puddles that get less than an inch of water build up and are only a few feet in length and width. Puddles can be a bit larger and well, deeper. This is why they are so much more fun to jump in!

In all seriousness, both puddles and birdbaths can cause serious damage in the long-term life of your asphalt. Read More