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Adding Value with Fabric Overlays, Now with More Options

By August 15, 2016February 10th, 2017Asphalt & Paving

There are always options when it comes to maintaining your asphalt. Some solutions are better than others. We all like options, and now we have a couple more to choose from. The long time decision to use a paving fabric overlay option has been the economic benefits when compared to removal and replacement costs. However, recycling the asphalt down the road can be more costly. Currently, most asphalt plants will not take the old asphalt if there is paving fabric in it which means there could be an added cost to dispose of the material. There are two alternative products that are recyclable.

GlasPave and FORTA-Fi fiber reinforced asphalt are the two alternatives available today. GlasPave is another version of paving fabric that is made of fiberglass material which can be ground up later into the asphalt and be easily recycled. FORTA-FI actually reinforces the new layer of asphalt with high tensile synthetic fiber to reinforce the asphalt. Both are designed to designed to prevent reflective cracking and lengthen the life of your asphalt at a fraction of the cost to remove and replace it. These products do typically cost more to be installed which is the trade off to paying less later.

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