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Caliber Paving is a full service paving and concrete company that services all of Southern California. We have the capability of completing all of our own paving work in house without subcontractors. We use the best materials on the market and offer an unparalleled caliber of craftsmanship and workmanship in the industry.

Grading & New Paves

We work with a lot of owners and General Contractors on new construction and redevelopment projects. We have skilled foreman and superintendent’s that can shoot grades and read plans to ensure that your project gets completed accurately.

Grinding / Recycling

We have our own grinding machine, which allows to better control the quality and efficiency on jobs that require grinding. Asphalt is a recyclable product and there are many places that will recycle it and use the grindings to manufacture new asphalt. This eliminates waste and dumping in landfills.

Resurfacing / Overlays

This type of work is typically reserved for asphalt that has been deteriorated by water or some other surface erosion.We grind all asphalt and concrete transitions to ensure proper drainage and water flow. This process is used to extend the life of existing asphalt.

Fabric Overlays

Most commonly used Petromat fabric overlays are designed to extend the life of asphalt by 7-15 years depending on use and thickness of new asphalt. The fabric prevents reflective cracking and can help prevent water from intruding down into the asphalt. This is a very cost effective option to removing & replacing the asphalt.

Remove & Replace

Maintenance work is our specialty here at Caliber Paving. Asphalt has an average 20 year lifespan and can deteriorate quicker depending on the type of traffic. We can remove and replace large areas in one day with our in house crews and equipment.

Full Depth Reclamation

This process can save thousands of dollars and can eliminate unnecessary dumping and hauling of material using the existing asphalt and subgrade by pulverizing the existing asphalt in place and mixing to variable depths with water and concrete or lime treatment. This can create a strong sub-base that can now be paved over for long term repairs.

Are you in need of Asphalt or Paving?

I have been working with Caliber Paving for a few years now. As Property Managers things come up and we need bids right away, and at Caliber everyone I have worked with is willing to assist and figure out a solution to get the best results for the client.

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