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Due Diligence, Budgets & Acquisition Consulting is a part of our customer service here at Caliber and we offer all of these services for free. If you are acquiring property, selling property or have budgetary needs we are here to help. In the past have developed anything from one year to ten-year budget plans for customers depending in their asset strategy. We work with many large developers and investors here in southern California. Working with them in their due diligence period as well as their disposition period is an integral part of the partnership we have with our customers.


Looking at purchasing a property but not quite sure what the asphalt repair or maintenance costs will be? Call us and we’ll provide a comprehensive evaluation and cost breakdown for you.

Disposition Costs

When selling properties clients usually negotiate what the cost for repair will be for the asphalt after the sale is complete. Most of the time there is money allocated in the lease that can go to making these repairs. If these funds are used properly we can get asphalt repairs at no cost to the owner. This can eliminate the dreaded “haircut” at sale time.


Every manager needs to know how much asphalt work they should be budgeting for. We can give you a total repair cost and even break that cost over several years if the project is large and you need to spread the cost out.

ADA Budgets

ADA lawsuits are on the rise. More and more owners are getting hit with lawsuits due to non-compliance of the access to the property. Having a budget and plan in place can save you in the courtroom. If you don’t have enough money to complete everything at once you can still complete some of the work and show that you have a plan to complete all of it down the road, even if it is several years of work.

Interested In Our Consulting Services?

I have been working with Caliber Paving for a few years now. As Property Managers things come up and we need bids right away, and at Caliber everyone I have worked with is willing to assist and figure out a solution to get the best results for the client.

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