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Back to School: AC Acronyms

By September 21, 2015March 22nd, 2016All Posts, Asphalt & Paving, Uncategorized

Fall is upon us, pumpkin-spice everything, football and back-to-school. We hope the summer was a good one, but if you’re a little fuzzy from summer break, we’re here to help.

Enjoy this list of handy acronyms designed to simplify asphalt construction for you:

LOL – Laugh out loud. Asphalt is no laughing matter, LOL stands for lots of layers. Did you know that underneath the layer of asphalt, there is a layer of base material? And under the base, there’s subgrade. The size of your layers matters,big time. If you have heavy truck traffic we recommend you have a 6” layer of asphalt.

ORLY – Oh Really?! No. This refers to asphalt overlay. Asphalt overlays are the placement of hot asphalt over existing asphalt bound with tack coat, also known as resurfacing or skins.

PM – Private Message. We prefer Petromat out in big open spaces. Petromat is a non-woven paving fabric that is installed with hot oil between an existing asphalt layer and the new asphalt layer. Petromat is designed to help add strength and prevent reflective cracking to add life to asphalt. Petromat also provides a moisture barrier.

TD – True Dat… It’s 2015 and TD means truncated domes. Truncated domes are used to warn people with vision impairments of hazardous vehicle ways, curb ramps, and at transit platform edges.

YOLO – Yes, you do only live once, but this actually stands for you only lap once, as in one job walk. It’s best for you the owner or manager to walk the property with three trusted and reputable contractors at the same time. You can all agree on the scope of the repairs for the site and you’ll end up with three comparable “apples-to-apples” proposals.