Parking Lot Etiquette

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As a paving company we spend a good amount of time in-and-around parking lot areas and continuously see the deterioration of parking lot etiquette. There is always that one driver speeding through a parking lot ignoring everything and everyone around them. Don’t be that driver! We have all know that feeling of stress building up when entering a packed parking lot and it’s just overwhelming. You can’t find a spot, people and children are crisscrossing through, you are searching for that perfect spot and then…you see it! There it is, an opening, FINALLY, but as you slowly approach you see… to your horror that someone has parked incorrectly and is hanging over the line and you won’t be able to fit! It is regrettable that in our hectic lifestyles, common etiquette is seldom observed and we feel that it is time to lead by example. Take a gander at a couple of simple guidelines/rules that we have compiled that we believe are helpful in maintaining that proper parking lot etiquette:

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