Asphalt Street Improvements on South Lemon St & Orangefair Ave, Fullerton

Project Information

Caliber Paving recently completed an asphalt and subgrade pavement project off of South Lemon Street and Orangefair Avenue located in the city of Fullerton. The project consisted of removing existing asphalt and subgrade to a depth of 17 inches. After the necessary hauling of the spoils to a legal dumpsite the Caliber paving crews then proceeded to to grade and pave with new hot mix asphalt over class II base material…

Both the class II base material and the asphalt material were firmly compacted during this paving project. Caliber compacted each material using our top of the line 3-5 ton Caterpillar double drum roller along with our bigger 10-12 ton Dynapac double drum roller to achieve that smooth pavement finish that you and your vehicles love to drive on.

As you can see by the pictures, the removal and replacement of the existing asphalt pavement and subgrade material done with our WIRTGEN four foot milling machine only needed to be done to half of the roadway. The other half of the roadway didn’t need that type of repair but needed some attention because of the existing deterioration occurring. Caliber proceeded with adjusting our milling machine to grind off approximately 2 inches off the existing asphalt, apply tack coat, then resurface with new hot mix asphalt. The final outcome of the removal and replacement paired with the grind and resurface gave this street a visually and structurally uniform finish that we as a company strive for.

The finalized procedure of installing street signs and applying necessary striping was completed. Street signage with their posts were placed in their precise locations. The thermoplastic paint markings such as center lines, outside lane lines, along with directional and informative road markings and stencils were then applied to the asphalt pavement.

The continuous effort of our crews and foreman on the job provided the traffic control safety precautions throughout the project in order to maintain the high standards that our company expects and provides on a continued basis. We are very proud of the outcome and glad we could provide our services to Trammell Crow Residential for the work completed just outside of the Orangefair Apartments located in the city of Fullerton.

Project included:

  • Asphalt
  • Grading
  • Rock Base Material
  • Signage
  • Striping