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Caliber Paving Company Inc.

At Caliber Paving, our commitment boils down to four core areas: Quality, Service, Integrity, and Relationships. We hire top talent, offer premier products, and utilize cutting-edge technology. Our service sets the industry standard, from knowledgeable crews to seamless transactions. Integrity has been our foundation since 1987, ensuring you receive uncompromised quality and professionalism. Our longstanding relationships speak volumes about our dedication. We pledge to continue delivering unmatched quality, service, and integrity.


Darin Gilchriese

CEO / President


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Client Testimonials

Five gold stars in a row rating.
"It has been a pleasure to work Caliber Paving over the past 4 years. They have gone above & beyond the call of duty in every aspect. I can honestly say that I trust their word 100%, which means a lot in this industry. I have never been disappointed in their work, & have always delivered a reliable product."

- Bryan Mork, CIP Real Estate

Five gold stars in a row rating.
"Caliber Paving & Engineering have consistently provided excellent services, along with the people who make this a great powerhouse."

- Renae Witt

Five gold stars in a row rating.
"The best. Honest. Always available to answer questions quickly and Honestly!"

- Sandie, The Martin Group

Five gold stars in a row rating.
"Caliber Paving provided exemplary service during a logistically challenging repaving project. My residents had only one way in & one way out of their parking garage. Caliber made it possible for the parking garage to function during the entire project. The construction zone was safe & the project was done on time!"

- Alexandria Pollock, General Manager: Marina City Club