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Adding Value with Fabric Overlays, Now with More Options

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There are always options when it comes to maintaining your asphalt. Some solutions are better than others. We all like options, and now we have a couple more to choose from. The long time decision to use a paving fabric overlay option has been the economic benefits when compared to removal and replacement costs. However, recycling the asphalt down the road can be more costly. Currently, most asphalt plants will not take the old asphalt if there is paving fabric in it which means there could be an added cost to dispose of the material. There are two alternative products that are recyclable.

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Puddles, Pot Holes and Birdbaths!

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Since we live in beautiful Southern California, we don’t often have to worry about puddles or birdbaths.

This is the time of year where we find out just where all the water goes and how well our drainage really is. Birdbaths are your smaller puddles that get less than an inch of water build up and are only a few feet in length and width. Puddles can be a bit larger and well, deeper. This is why they are so much more fun to jump in!

In all seriousness, both puddles and birdbaths can cause serious damage in the long-term life of your asphalt. Read More

Caliber Paving 2015 Asphalt Masters Invitational

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We hope you enjoyed watching the Masters as much as we did these past few days. Wasn’t it exciting to watch young Jordan Spieth win the tournament? He is the second youngest winner to win in Augusta, second to Tiger Woods who won when he was also 21 in 1997.

To keep the Masters excitement going the Caliber Paving 2015 Asphalt Masters Invitational starts today. Caliber Paving believes that the more knowledgeable you are about your asphalt, concrete and ADA parking stalls the better you will be able to do your job. Knowing the basics will help you anticipate future repairs and to budget accordingly.  Understanding how to maximize budget funds to extend the life of your asphalt and concrete isn’t as hard as a long bunker shot. We invite you to find out if you’re a master of asphalt knowledge with our fun five question quiz.

We must say that you won’t be getting a green jacket if you master this quiz. Jordan is the only guy that gets one of those.  If you didn’t do so well and would like some quick pointers check out our reference guide, and if you want to be a know-it-all contact us to schedule a lunch-and-learn.

Golf Guide

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Golf is a great way to get out of the office and build better relationships with your colleagues. People young and old can play; the handicap system makes it fun for people of different skill levels to compete. The beautiful scenery is relaxing and makes it easier to have a conversation and connect with your team.  Enjoy this glossary of golf lingo to translate the terminology.